It’s been a campaign stopover for American presidents, an air cargo hub, a launch pad for daily commuter flights, a stage for countless spectacular precision air shows, an educational facility and a landing site for aircraft, large and small. Busy little Smith Reynolds Airport is an underappreciated gem in the City of Arts and Innovation.

Navistar International Corporation (NYSE: NAV) and its International® dealer network are building momentum through their TECH EmPOWERment initiative, which is supplying accredited technical schools with valuable training equipment, real-world advisory counsel and insights into the opportunities available to aspiring technicians.

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Information Technology Training courses course Dates Days ComputerBasics1 1/27/21-3/17/21 W, Online ComputerBasics2 3/24/21-4/28/21 W, Online BbComputerExcel2016Begin 2/12/21-4/1/21 F, Online BbComputerIntroToSQL 2/3/21-5/5/21 W, Online BbComputerPHPandMySQL 2/11/21-5/13/21 TH, Online BbComputerIntroToPython 2/3/21-4/21/21 W, Online ComputerExcel2016Lvl1and2 1/13/21-2/24/21 W, Online ComputerExcelLv3 3/24/21-4/14/21 W, Online … Read more →